Is Neurofeedback Therapy Expensive?

Neurofeedback Therapy

This non-invasive technology uses your brain waves in diagnosing those specific areas inside your head, which need to be retrained. There may be some doubts about its effectiveness, yet a few patients have already tried and experienced its benefits.

Conversely, let’s talk about the price of EEG and the means of paying it. Besides effectiveness and side effects, price is also a sensitive matter for patients who want to try neurofeedback therapy.

What’s the Average Price of Neurofeedback Therapy?

Similar to other behavioral therapies, the total price you’ll pay for availing EEG depends on several factors, like the number of sessions and when you avail other behavioral therapies along the way.

Here are the average prices for EEG therapy and other services accompanied with it:

  • Neurofeedback TherapyAn initial consultation is worth $135 without insurance.
  • If you go for functional neurofeedback therapy with ERP evaluation, then it costs around $1250 without insurance coverage. You will also receive a neurologist report for the findings.
    • The amount not covered if your insurance covers EEG is between $350-$900.
  • Your session includes a biomarker assessment at zero cost.
  • The average price for neurological evaluation is $250, while attention assessment costs around $250.
  • For the review of the results of your functional EEG, it will cost around $150 without any insurance.
  • The data collection of qEEG is not covered by any insurance plan and it costs around $260.
  • If there’s a neurological report for qEEG data collection, the price is around $225.

Is Neurofeedback Therapy Covered By Your Insurance?

Basically, it depends on your insurance provider and if they include EEG in their covered services. To be sure, you need to ask your insurance provider about this, so you can have that cover all the expenses.

Luckily, there are a lot of insurance companies in the US that are already covering EEG costs. You just have to know the amount covered by your policy. Likewise, ask them about the specific details or fine prints on the details of the coverage.

How Much Is the Cost for EEG Data Collection and Services?

Basically, the price for EEG data collection and services can fluctuate depending on the company. Nevertheless, here are some benchmark rates for this:

BrainArc Without ERP

This cost around $1,050 and it includes the following:

  • Data collection
  • Brain maps
  • MD report
  • qEEG Process and interpretation
  • Recommendations for Neurofeedback
  • Recommendations for Diet and Exercise
  • 30-minute over the phone consultation

BrainArc with ERP

This package costs around $1,250, and it includes the following:

  • MD reports and brain maps
  • Data collection
  • qEEG process and interpretation
  • Recommendations for Neurofeedback, nutrition, and exercise
  • 30-minute consultation over the phone

Additionally, you can extend your phone consultation for another 30 minutes for just $75. If you want a neuroguide database analysis, it will cost around $120.

How Much is Biofeedback Therapy?

Biofeedback therapy works the same way as neurofeedback therapy with the latter being more specific to the brain. The former uses the concept that individuals are teachable and they respond to visual and audio stimuli.

Through this process, you can better control your mind and body as it is exposed to stress. There are a few functions you can control when exposed to different situations:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Muscle tension and pain perception

In terms of price, the average cost for biofeedback therapy falls between $35 to $85 per session. Basically, the rate depends on the credibility of the practitioner or clinic providing the service.

Conversely, the industry cost of EEG is around $85 to $150, where you can save more by availing packages offered by the company. Both methods aim to improve your health and behavior. EEG’s main goal is to realign your brain so that it works well again.

What is the success rate of Neurofeedback Therapy?

Based on the findings and studies about EEG, it has a success rate of 75% to 80%. Some brain disorders like anxiety, insomnia, and migraine, are quickly resolved by neurofeedback therapy, unlike those complex ones like ADHD and addiction.

Nevertheless, this technology aims to improve how your brain responds to triggers, and how you can rewire thoughts back to their healthy state.

Are there Risks for Neurofeedback Therapy?

For more than 50 years in the field, there have been no serious and life-threatening side effects to EEG. There are short term impacts on some responses, yet they can be seamlessly resolved by the practitioner in your next session.

Retraining your brain doesn’t happen overnight, so experiencing slight drawbacks is expected, yet it’s never life-threatening and no brain damage is inflicted on the patient.

Are the Health Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy Permanent?

Neurofeedback TherapyOnce your brain adapts to a new stimulus-response pattern, then it’ll be for life. However, if there are other traumatic or life-changing events, then that will be another problem to handle by EEG.

It’s a new experience that happened before your last session, so you need to consult with your doctor about that.

Re-aligning your thoughts is not pretty quick, it takes enough time until it’s natural to the person already. Once it becomes part of you, then that will help you cope with the negative experiences in the past.

How Many Sessions of Neurofeedback Therapy Does It Take To See An Improvement?

Neurofeedback TherapyThere’s no fixed answer to this since it depends on the patient’s condition. However, getting 25 to 30 sessions of EEG is already enough for you to feel significant improvements in your mental or behavioral problems.

To know the approximate number of sessions you need have, the practitioner will conduct an initial consultation and brain mapping. This helps see which part of your brain needs to be retrained and how severe the condition is.

They will explain to you the entire process and what are your expectations later on.

Is It Worth It To Consider Neurofeedback Therapy?

Looking at the benefits and setbacks of EEG, a lot of patients and medical personnel would agree to it. Your brain is the master control system of your body and behavior.

If you have any problems with your thinking or behavior, then it’s only appropriate to look into your brain to see which is causing the problem.

Anyhow, take time to read through this process, and ask doctors or previous patients regarding their opinion and experiences on Neurofeedback Therapy.

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