How Long Does Adderall Detox Take?

Adderall Detox

This stimulant is famous among students who are cramming for an exam or to finish a project. It helps them gain more focus in doing their work, the main reason why it’s also prescribed for patients with ADHD and narcolepsy.

It may have benefits, yet it’s also the reason why people are misusing and abusing it. So, are you planning to enroll in rehab to overcome your Adderall addiction? Perhaps, you also want to know how long it takes, right? Especially for the detox session?

In this article, we’re going to discuss the duration of your detox process. We want to help you understand how it goes when you go under treatment and remove that anxiety in you.

What’s the average duration for detoxification?

Adderall DetoxBefore you start your counseling and medication, you need to undergo cleansing or detoxification. This is a medical process of eliminating those harmful toxins inside your body due to substance abuse.

On average, the detox process lasts for three days to weeks. That depends on your doctor’s evaluation and your progress. But you can ask your doctor what the estimated time is for you to finish your detox program.

The typical ways for the body to remove wastes are through urination, defecating, and sweating. These things happen during detox, yet there’ll be discomfort during withdrawal. The intensity of discomfort depends on how long you’ve been abusing Adderall.

Estimated Detox Duration and Withdrawal Symptoms

When you abstain from using Adderall, you will feel withdrawal effects after 24 or 48 hours. This state is usually called “crash” since that’s the time you’ll be feeling immense discomfort in your body.

24-48 hours

After 24 to 48 hours of your last intake, you will feel the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Highly irritable feeling
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Your body feels weak

3 to 5 days

You will start feeling some depressive moods due to abstaining from the use of Adderall. When not treated properly, it can damage your brain permanently. For someone suffering from intense Adderall addiction, going to an inpatient detox program is your safest choice.

First Week

After a week of detoxification, you will start feeling the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sleepy always
  • Disturbed sleeping pattern
  • Depression
  • Unstable thinking
  • Inability to focus

After the first week

If your detox plan extends for more than a week, you will be feeling the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Craving the drug
  • Hallucinations
  • Pain in the head and body
  • Lethargy

There is no fixed duration for detox since that depends on your doctor’s assessment of your Adderall addiction. The more intense it is, the longer it will be. Still, you must not be discouraged when your detox program takes longer than others. What matters is that you are recovering and regaining your normal life.

How do you manage withdrawal symptoms?

The discomfort you’ll be feeling during detox is dependent on your addiction level. That’s why it’s never advised to do home detox since you won’t have medical personnel on standby who can help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

It’s also not advisable to quickly stop taking the drug or what we call “cold turkey”. This sudden shift in body condition can cause irreparable damage to your brain and body.

When you’re not advised to do home detox, your best choice is either residential or inpatient detox treatment. There you’ll have 24-hour medical supervision by a doctor or nurse with experience in addiction treatment.

How can you speed up your detox process?

We understand that everyone wants to shorten their time for detox. But that’s not always possible since you’ll be dependent on your progress. However, there are ways for you to hasten detox healthily and safely:

  • Adderall DetoxYou need to enroll in a certified rehab center for your detox treatment
  • Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water daily since this hastens the process of removing wastes from your system
  • Maintain an active lifestyle. Engaging in light to moderate workouts helps blood circulate throughout your body. This promotes proper oxygen supply to the brain and vital organs.
  • Doing yoga also helps you maintain proper relaxed breathing.
  • Maintain healthy communication with your friends and families. Getting moral support from them helps you stay motivated and stay on track with your treatment plan.
  • Regularly take the medicines prescribed by your doctor for your cleansing process.

How to choose a reliable rehab center for your detox?

Selecting a suitable rehab center is challenging. You need to consider a few things like your treatment goals, budget, distance, and treatment facility. That said, here are some tips for you to pick the right rehab center for your Adderall detox.

  • List down your goals for treatment
  • Book a consultation with an addiction specialist
  • Get a free quote for your top five best rehab centers
  • Have a physical visit to the rehab center
  • Read the reviews of their previous patients
  • Get a referral from your trusted companions and relatives

What do you need to prepare before detox?

Detoxification is not just a physical process since it involves your mind as well. Therefore, you need to prepare both your mind and body for this matter. Below are some things you can do before your detox session:

  • Abstain from eating meat and drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Stock fruits and vegetables in your fridge
  • Plan on how to settle your dues and bills before treatment
  • Contact a relative or friend whom you can trust to look out for your house and property
  • Talk to your family before going inside the rehab center

Start Your Adderall Detox As Early As Today!

Deciding to undergo treatment takes a lot of courage. You’ll need to source motivation from your loved ones. And most of all, have a solid reason why you’re doing it. Once you have your “why”, you’ll have all the “hows” on how to recover from Adderall addiction.

Detox will be your first step towards sobriety. Once you pass that, it’s a great achievement already. But you’ll have to keep moving forward as your journey for treatment is just getting started.

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