How Long Does Valium Detox Take?

Valium Detox

Valium detox takes at least a month. That is quite longer than the two-week average detox length from opioid substances.

Valium is a benzodiazepine that acts on the body by decreasing the level of stimulation in the brain which causes anxiety disorders and painful tension in muscles. By taking the substance for a few weeks, your body will develop physical and psychological dependence.

As a Schedule IV controlled drug, Valium can be addictive. If you get clinically diagnosed with substance use disorder, you need to detox to live normally again.

Detox hits differently in every person. Typically, the length of treatment depends on the answer to the following questions:

  • How long have you been using the substance?
  • Can your body tolerate high doses of the drug?
  • Have you engaged in polysubstance abuse?

If the answer is yes, you can expect your treatment to be far longer. However, if you adhere to medical advice during treatment, your experience can be less stressful and your safety and recovery can be guaranteed.

Factors That Affect Length of Detox

Your disposition also holds an impact on how long you will likely get past your detox care. These factors are described more in detail through the following:

Physiological state

Valium DetoxYour age and your weight determine your strength in coping with the challenges of detox. There is no doubt that younger individuals can detox faster than the elder ones. Your weight also affects how fast you can eliminate the drug in your system. A similar thing happens to those with a faster metabolism.

Health condition

Sometimes, a mental health problem precedes a substance use disorder. If this is your case, you will need intensive rehab care, which is typically longer. Detoxing may cause more strain on your mental health. Both needs must be treated. If you have a pre-existing physical health illness, you will also need intensive rehab care.


Those with a history of substance use disorder even among their families are likely to detox longer. There is something special about their DNA that makes it harder for them to cope with detox or even in eliminating toxins in the body.

Availability of support

With the right amount of medical and emotional support, individuals are likely to get through the detox phase faster compared to those who detox alone.

Timeline For Detoxification

Valium DetoxThe following shows you a glimpse of how long detoxing Valium takes. Since Valium is a long-acting substance, withdrawal symptoms caused by the drug do not occur just a few hours after your last dose. It will kick in after two to seven days.

This makes some people think that not all Valium detox follows a withdrawal symptom.

This is wrong, and quitting cold turkey is never advisable. When you decide to quit your drug use, consult your doctor first so that you can be guided on the proper way to stop.

If you continue to insist on detoxing on your own, you may suffer from extreme withdrawal pain that can last more intensely than the average length indicated in this timeline:

Week 1

When you detox, you may experience rebound anxiety during the first week. This condition is far different from your usual episodes of anxieties, although you can prevent this by following a taper schedule.

Physical symptoms are very common within this period. Headache and body, episodes of tremor, restlessness, and agitation are very likely. Some may even experience diarrhea and suffer from insomnia.

You have to be watchful for episodes of seizures. It is important to seek medical help when you detox to prevent life-threatening conditions.

Week 2

Psychological symptoms grow more intensely in the second week. Anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, and insomnia are expected to be common by this time. This can progress for a couple of weeks more or up to a month.

Symptoms may begin to subside after four weeks. You cannot expect all the symptoms to go away but at least, they are all more manageable.

Episodes of depression may lure within this time frame. Severe cases may even experience depersonalization and hallucination. You should not keep these moments by yourself. Talk to your healthcare provider and get help.

Acute and Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Valium DetoxAcute withdrawal ranges from a few weeks, however; when withdrawal symptoms continue to persist for several months and up to a year or two, what you are going through is already post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).

While it is normal among those with a history of substance use disorder to experience cravings that strike randomly after a period of sobriety, it is a different thing to continue to suffer from episodes of psychological problems for up to a year. This condition is part of PAWS.

This phase is a challenging roller coaster of negative emotions – anxiety, depression, confusion, restlessness, and the like. The best way to cope with these episodes is to actively engage in individual and group therapies. It is also important to practice self-care at all times.

Part of the aftercare programs after rehabilitation is to establish a healthy lifestyle. Healthy meals and staying hydrated help boost your energy levels. Exercising is also a good way to naturally increase dopamine levels in the body which helps lighten up the mood. Meditation is also a great means to develop mental health.


Detoxing Valium could be challenging and fatal. The risk of grand mal seizures, although rare, is not impossible. Get the right help according to what your disposition truly needs.

If your doctor tells you to take an inpatient treatment, then do so. Even though this type of care is more expensive than the other options, there are many payment schemes that you can explore to make your treatment possible with less cost.

If you ignore your need for detox, you will never get past the control that substance addiction can cause in your life. You can improve the quality of the way you live if you seek medical help and get yourself treated as soon as possible.

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