How To Do Ritalin Detox Safely

Ritalin Detox

Many patients make the mistake of doing a detox at home without professional guidance. This can lead to a more dangerous path since you’re prone to self-medication and relapse.

Let’s guide you on how to safely do a detox from Ritalin abuse. Consulting a doctor must be your first step toward recovery. They have the expertise and experience to help you get back to your healthy self.

Can I Quickly Stop Using Ritalin?

Suddenly stopping from using Ritalin is dangerous. It puts your entire system in great shock, since all of a sudden, you stop taking the drug. This can lead to seizures and depression. It can also be life-threatening, especially when you’re taking Ritalin in high doses, and then right away you stop consuming it.

Gradual cessation of using the substance is the safest way to do it. That said, detox is your first step in recovering from Ritalin abuse.

How can I remove Ritalin from my body?

Detox is your best solution for removing Ritalin from your system. And an inpatient detox plan is your safest way since you’ll have 24/7 medical assistance if any serious withdrawal symptoms happen.

In terms of how long this substance stays in your system, below are estimated durations:

  • Ritalin Detox
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    Ritalin cannot be accurately traced in the blood. So, there’s no accurate way of telling if it’s still there in your blood, and in what concentration.

  • It stays around 30 days on your hair follicles.
  • Ritalin can still be detected on your saliva, 3 days after your last intake.
  • It can still be detected in your urine, 3 days from the last time you took it.

What happens during an Inpatient Detox Plan?

If your Ritalin abuse is severe, then enrolling in an inpatient detox is your best choice. You get medical assistance 24/7 for your detoxification process. That way, if you need help with painful withdrawal symptoms, a doctor, or nurse can attend to you right away.

To start an inpatient detox program, you first need to undergo a complete medical evaluation. This is to accurately tell your condition before the detox treatment starts. It serves as a benchmark of how far you’ve come from your detoxification process.

Your doctor’s recommendation will be based on the results of the medical assessment. The medications, counseling, and therapies will also depend on that.

They will prescribe you the right medication to alleviate discomfort from withdrawal symptoms. There will also be counseling sessions to help you focus on your detox treatment. It’s a supplement to boost your determination to complete your treatment.

Health care support will be there

Care and support will be provided in a medically-assisted detox program. A nurse or doctor will be assigned to you, to monitor your vital signs, and assist you with any painful withdrawal symptoms.

They’re also going to monitor your progress for the entire duration of your detox treatment. Oftentimes, a detox process lasts for five to seven days. It can go longer if your condition is worse.

Never try detox at home, alone

If you’re thinking of detoxifying yourself at home, on your own, then you’re putting yourself in great danger. Before anything else, safety must be on top of your mind. Your intentions are good, yet if you’re doing it the wrong way, that worsens the problem.

Here are some dangers when detoxifying yourself at home with no medical supervision:

Higher risk for a relapse

Ritalin DetoxBecause there’s no medical supervision, no one can help you stay away from triggers. You’re in the comfort of your home, so you’ll be tempted to do things, which won’t be helpful for your recovery. The presence of medical support is necessary during detox so that you’ll be guided properly.


We understand that you want to recover fast, yet that can trigger you to an overdose. You might think doubling the dose can speed up the process, yet that’s not how it works. Detox is a gradual process, and it’s done that way to avoid putting your system in shock. That way, we avoid painful withdrawal symptoms.

Mental problems

It’s not only your body that undergoes a challenging change during detox, your mind is in the same state too. For most patients, if they can’t cope with drug cravings, it makes them mentally unstable. They often go through depression and anxiety attacks. Because of that, a medically supervised detox is the best for patients.

Side effects from using the wrong medicine

If you undergo detox without medical support, there’s a great risk of using improper drugs. You’re not in the right mind when you’re under the influence of a substance. That said, a doctor or a nurse must be there to look after you and supervise your detox program.

Tips for a Safe Ritalin Detox

Life is challenging for someone who is under the influence of drugs. Enrolling into a detox plan is your first step toward recovery. We want you to have a safe journey on your detoxification. Here are some tips you can follow:

Avoid caffeine and sugar

Ritalin is an upper, so you need to stay away from those substances as it can be a trigger. Sugar can also give you a rush if you take too much. Also, patients undergoing treatment are usually advised to have a lower intake of sugar and coffee.

Drink plenty of water

Ritalin DetoxWater helps clean your system. Toxins are typically flushed out from your system with water. They are either removed when you pee or do a bowel movement. With that said, taking 8 to 10 glasses of water is necessary for your recovery.

Get enough rest

Sleep is a good way for your body to relax and recover. While sleeping, your body undergoes a repair and relaxation cycle. A patient would also have a better mood when they have enough rest.

Be in a clean and comfortable environment

Most rehab centers have a good outdoor place, where there are plants and a mini garden to relax outside. Outdoor relaxation is important during detox and treatment. It gives the patient a different vibe that is soothing to the mind and body.

Do you have some questions?

Anxiety and stigma will always be there, yet recovering from substance addiction is much more significant. We hope we have helped you understand how to safely do a detox plan.

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